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Illuminations Tours in Blackpool

The Blackpool Illuminations Tours is renowned nationwide for being a must-see spectacle. On the illuminations tour, you will get to experience some of Blackpool’s tram heritage as you see the sights from one of the old trams.

blackpool Illuminations Tours Heritage tram

Where Does the Tour Go?

Depart: Pleasure Beach Heritage Stop | Little Bispham

Return: Little Bispham | Pleasure Beach Heritage Stop

Firstly The illuminations tours service starts at the Pleasure Beach heritage Stop, on the South end of the lights. Heading north on the tram along the famous Blackpool promenade, you will go past all the lights that make up the illuminations, as well as seeing some of the statue attractions.

The heritage tram will then head to Little Bispham and turns back to the Pleasure Beach, where the journey started. No matter where you sit, you will be sure to get a nice view of the seaside or roadside illuminations.

Alongside the Illuminated trams are the heritage trams. The heritage trams include the green iconic Blackpool Double Deck and the Open Top Single Deck.

How Long Will the Tour Last?

The tour through the illuminations will take a 1-hour return trip to Little Bispham. However, Depending on how busy the Blackpool promenade is, it may cause delays in the time as the tram may slow down in crowds. Although, you will get the experience more of the view!

Illuminations Tours Conclusion

The Tour can be joined at the Pleasure Beach Heritage Tram Stop, in the south end of Blackpool.

Also, It’s a great experience to see the Blackpool seaside from the trams of the past. So it gives a good feel to what Blackpool really is about and has been over the years.

You can find out more information or buy tickets by visiting Blackpool Heritage.

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